Top 5 Air Conditioner Technologies for 2024

The air conditioning space has evolved far beyond its bulky past. Today, it seamlessly blends form and function to enhance not only our comfort but also the aesthetics of our homes. Something that was known as an eyesore is now a part of a home as much as any furniture or piece of art.

Continue on to explore the latest technologies in air conditioning that are redefining home designs in Perth. You’ll find that modern air conditioning systems can now learn and adapt to your routine to improve efficiency, purify and diffuse the air to enhance your health and wellbeing, all while being smaller and quieter than ever before.

1. Smart Ducted Air Conditioning with MyAir

Perth home owner controlling central ducted air conditioning system from phone.

MyAir is not your average air conditioning system. This West Australian-made system serves as an integrated control hub for your home, allowing you to connect air conditioning with any other smart devices you own. It stands out in several key areas:


The zoning function allows you to divide your home into up to 10 different zones. This feature is not just neat; it’s practical. You can cool or heat only the rooms you’re using, making for more efficient energy use.

Intuitive App

Compatible with both iOS and Android, the MyAir app provides you with direct control over your entire system. You can adjust airflow in as little as 5% increments, thanks to the precise Exact Air Regulator system.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another strength. Optional motion sensors can detect when a room is empty and adjust the temperature slightly, offering up to a 20% reduction in energy usage in those rooms.

Central Control Hub – Wow Features!

MyAir’s touchscreen serves as a hub for other smart home devices. You can integrate it with MyPlace to control lights, garage doors, and blinds, expanding its usefulness beyond just climate control.


MyAir can integrate with multiple air-conditioning brands, making it versatile for different home setups.

All in all, MyAir is more than just a smart air conditioning controller, it is a complete home automation upgrade that gives you a real taste of the future.

2. Daikin – Zena

The Daikin Zena range is not just an air conditioner; it’s a statement of design that seamlessly complements any home. With its subtle, sleek profile and a choice of two exquisite finishes – White Hair Line or Black Wood, no matter what your interior design preference may be, there’s a Daikin Zena to match.

The Daikin Zena is more than just a beautiful addition to your space. This reverse cycle air conditioner provides both cooling and heating capabilities, ensuring year-round comfort. Plus, it’s equipped with WiFi functionality, allowing you to control your room’s temperature conveniently from your smartphone with the user-friendly Daikin app.

What sets the Daikin Zena apart is its intelligent infrared human presence sensor. This smart feature automatically activates energy-saving operations when the room remains unoccupied for 20 minutes, optimising efficiency and reducing energy consumption.

With the Daikin Zena, you get not only stunning design but also advanced technology that enhances your comfort and saves you money.

3. Panasonic’s Advanced nanoe™X Air Purification Ducted System

Panasonic’s nanoeX is the latest in air conditioning and purification technology, this ducted system doesn’t just provide cooling and heating; it also revitalises your indoor air. The nanoeX uses the latest in air purification technology to eliminate odours while eliminating up to 99% of common viruses and bacteria, but it also combats various other pollutants like mould, allergens, pollen and smoke.

Differing from a typical ducted system, the nanoe™X goes beyond conventional air conditioning by alleviating common side-effects like dry skin and mouth by maintaining the level of air moisture in the room.

What makes it even better? The nanoe™X continues to purify and deodorises even when the cooling or heating system is off. This 2-in-1 system is a valuable addition to any home. The cleanest and purist of air never goes out of style.

4. Ceiling Linear Diffusers

When it comes to creating a stylish and modern home, every detail matters. That’s why the Ceiling Linear Diffusers for your ducted air conditioning have emerged as a favourite in home decor.

What makes these linear diffusers so loved by architects and designers alike is their sleek and minimalist design. They effortlessly fit into any interior with it’s unobtrusive design and slim profile

Looks aside, these diffusers excel in functionality too. They efficiently distribute air throughout your rooms, enhancing overall comfort. Their quiet operation ensures a peaceful atmosphere, making them the perfect addition to any living space.

Whether you’re upgrading your home or office, these diffusers bring both style and versatility to the table – more than just a trend.


5. Samsung 360: Cassette Series


The Samsung 360 is an all-round cool ducted system has built a following for its unique 360-degree airflow. Unlike traditional air conditioners that send air in one direction, this system ensures that every corner of your room enjoys consistent cooling or heating.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable hot or cold spots, as this cutting-edge technology provides uniform comfort throughout the room. What’s more, its unique circular cassette design seamlessly integrates into your ceiling, adding a modern touch to your interior decor without taking up precious wall or floor space.

Focused on energy efficiency, the Samsung 360 Cassette not only enhances your comfort but also trims your energy costs. With its quiet operation, smart controls, Wi-Fi connectivity, easy maintenance, and colour options, it’s a reliable and stylish choice for your home for years to come.


These latest air conditioning trends have shown us that style, technology and comfort go hand in hand. With close to 30 years experience, our expert team at Stinson Air & Solar can help you navigate and select the perfect air conditioning system to elevate your home’s comfort and design.

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