Why should you upgrade your old air conditioner?

When and why should you upgrade your old air conditioner?

We recommended upgrading to a new air conditioning system if your air conditioner is over 10 years old, and here are our reasons why:

Energy Efficiency

Many of these old systems are 30 -40% less efficient than today’s modern systems. If you add in the fact that many of these older systems have also not had correct seasonal maintenance they can also be working a lot less efficient than that compared to a new system due to blocked coils, filters and ducting.

On top of this so many systems installed back in this time (and unfortunately still today by industry cowboys) are not sized correctly and if too big or too small can also be adding unnecessary strain to your electricity bill.

Today’s modern units also have many advanced features that can add to your electricity savings such as economy modes, daily and weekly timers, human sensor control (which switches a system to energy saving mode when no human motion detected in a room), wifi controls (in case you leave the system on) and responsive louvre control for more efficient air distribution throughout a room.


With a properly designed modern system compared to units of the past you should expect increased comfort.

Reasons include:

  • less temperature fluctuations in the space
  • your space cooled or heated faster
  • quieter noise levels than the old rattler you may have now
  • advanced air volume control to every room in your home (no more complaint about too much air in this room or not enough in another)

More advanced control features include remote access so you can turn your system on remotely on your way home from work or that weekend away. Further advanced control features can also be included so that you can also stream music, control all other app controlled home features and more from your home hub control station.

Family Health

A new system is a healthier system, especially if your old system has never had correct seasonal maintenance. Old systems not maintained correctly are breeding grounds for mould spores and bacteria.

New systems generally have more advanced air filters that can take finer dust, bacteria, mould spores and even bad odours and other toxins from your homes air. This is especially important for families with any members suffering from any respiratory illnesses such as asthma or hay fever and allergies.

If you have an old system and would like an obligation free assessment and proposal for a new system that we can also maintain with correct seasonal maintenance so that your next air conditioner can hopefully have a longer life that the last one, then please contact our team, we are here to help.

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