Why We Choose Gelair at Stinson Air

Keeping your air conditioner sanitised might not always be on the top of your mind, but it needs to be looked at on a regular basis. If your air conditioner isn’t clean, chances are the air you and your family are breathing in is less than hygienic. At Stinson Air, we recommend Gelair’s air conditioning sanitiser, which is environmentally friendly and has many antibacterial and purifying properties.

An Australian Company You Can Trust

Originating in New South Wales in 1998, Gelair has been working to improve air quality for over twenty years now. They relocated to Western Australia in 2008 and have since earned the loyalty of international retailers across the United States, South East Asia and the Middle East. Even with their worldwide reach, they are an Australian company through and through, and at Stinson Air, we have complete trust in their products. Formulated with tea tree oil, Gelair’s air con sanitiser is specifically designed to improve air quality and disinfect hard to reach areas

Natural Australian Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree comes from the native Australian ‘melaleuca alternifolia’ plant. The leaves from this tree are distilled into a 100% natural oil, which is sometimes referred to as ‘nature’s disinfectant’. Its potent antiseptic properties protect against a broad spectrum of viruses and bacteria, as well as combatting mould growth, ensuring your family will be protected during the colder months.

Historically, tea tree gel has been used as an unprocessed deodorant, insect repellant and an all-purpose cleaner. To this day, people still use it a homeopathic remedy for acne and to clean minor cuts, so you can be sure that it is safe for use around your household. Most importantly for you and your air conditioner, tea tree oil is anti-microbial, anti-fungal and stops odours.


Why We Choose Gelair

Gelair air conditioning sanitisers are non-toxic and easy to use. They are suitable for all air conditioning systems, from split system to reverse cycle ducted systems. They work in rooms and systems of all sizes and can even be used in smaller spaces, such as in your car air conditioning.

Gelair’s air con sanitisers are made up of gel matrix blocks that release tea tree oil vapour for up to twelve weeks. The tea tree oil fumes will spread throughout your system and house, sanitising and sterilising the air, while keeping your air con free from harmful germs and viruses.

By clearing micro-organisms, Gelair can help regulate allergies and other respiratory illnesses. You don’t need to install any new systems in order to make your home hypoallergenic. Instead, you can leave your Gelair block to do all the legwork and cleaning for you.

How To Maximise Results

For best results, replace your Gelair sanitisers every 3 months. Make sure you are still manually cleaning around the outside of your air conditioning unit, clearing the filter and continuing with a regular maintenance plan.

Want to Know More?

Gelair’s tea tree-based product doesn’t stop at air sanitising. They also offer hand sanitiser and air fresheners for cars. As a registered stockist, you can find a comprehensive range of Gelair products on the Stinson Air website. Alternatively, contact us today for more information.