Buying Air Conditioning In Perth – What To Consider

Whether you’re upgrading an existing air conditioner or building your new dream home, choosing the right air conditioning system can be a puzzle if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The summers we experience in Perth can be hot and long and if you aren’t equipped with the right air conditioning system it can make this time of the year particularly unenjoyable. Similarly, a reverse cycle air conditioner is a must to get through the cold Perth winters.

Finding a quality system at the right price takes some research, let alone incorporating extras such as solar power and smart home technology.

We’ve isolated some of the factors you should consider before purchasing an air conditioning system in Perth.


Ducted Vs Split Systems

Tailoring your home air conditioning begins with choosing the right system based on your needs. The first part of this process is choosing between a whole house ducted system or a split air system.

Split system air conditioner units are usually sleek in design and are intended to be mounted high on the wall in a designated room. A split system will effectively cool that area of your home but will be limited in its capacity to push cold air beyond the area closest to the unit. This is a cost effective option particularly if you spend a large amount of time in one room of your home, for example your living area.

If you’re wanting to distribute cool or warm air throughout the whole house via one system, a ducted air conditioning system is the preferred option. Rather than having separate split system air conditioning units throughout your home, vents will be in each room so that you can distribute air to different zones controlling via one system. Controlled zoning will even allow you to

turn off cooling in rooms that are unoccupied to maximise your energy efficiency.


Choosing The Right Air Conditioner Brand for Perth Conditions

There are many brands available in Perth, however it is worth doing your homework about which options have proven to be the best in Perth conditions.

The team at Stinson Air and Solar know Perth air conditioning and can help isolate the best brand and system for your home air conditioning needs. Stinson Air and Solar only work with the world’s best manufacturers including Daikin, Panasonic, Samsung, Advantage Air and Fujitsu. Trusted names in the business will ensure you receive the proper after sales support, warranties and most importantly that you stay cool all summer.

We can advise which air conditioning brand features and price point is best suited to your particular house, suburb, budget and requirements.


3 Questions To Ask Perth Air Conditioning Installers

Take your time to do market research and evaluate the options. Most importantly talk to experts who can offer sound, knowledge-based advice. It is important to ask these questions of your potential installer:

  1. How long have you been operating in Perth?

    Experience in our market counts. It is important for your advisor to know the conditions they are dealing with before making recommendations.

  2. Which brands would you recommend for my area of Perth?

    Conditions can vary greatly between the hills, the city or the beach suburbs. What may be the best solution for Roleystone may not cut it in the salty air of Ocean Reef. Your air conditioner installer should be able to recommend the best brands and models to cope with your particular conditions.

  3. What pre-sales service do you offer to customise my air conditioning to my house?

    Make sure that the installer you choose offers customised air conditioning solutions rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. The last thing you want is cold or warm patches in what is supposed to be a climate-controlled home.

Powered By Solar

Perth is one of the sunniest cities in the world making it an obvious choice for solar systems. According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, we receive an average of long-term annual average of around 8.8 hours of sunshine a day.

With electricity rates rising and solar technology becoming more accessible over recent years thanks to government incentives, solar power in Perth is an obvious choice to help save on your power bills, especially over the course of long hot summers. What’s more is you’ll be contributing to reducing greenhouse gases by opting for a cleaner energy solution without having to switch your air con off.

Modular solar battery systems offer an easy entry to optimise your energy storage. Packaging your air conditioning with a solar power solution can also reap immediate financial benefits by feeding energy back to the grid.

Smart Home Technology

The future is now here with the latest advances in smart home, air conditioning integrated technology which is easy to navigate and surprisingly affordable.

The MyPlace Home Hub from Advantage Air is engineered to make everyday life that much easier. One integrated system allows control over your air conditioning, lights,  blinds and even garage door at your fingertips. MyPlace can be connected to most 240-volt hard wired appliances in your home and comes with a with a slimline 8” or optional 10” colour touchscreen tablet.

You can build smart home technology into your air conditioning quote for much less than you may think, and the financial returns are immediate, with the ability to make your air conditioning power-smart and turn off when rooms are out of use.


Get The Package And Save

There is a reason that Perth builders are now offering the full package of ducted air conditioning and rooftop solar with smart home technology built in. The low setup cost and the power savings offered by solar and smart home technology are very attractive.

BONUS TIP: Make sure your installer offers the full package and ask what each component costs and contributes.

If you want to explore all your home air conditioning options talk to the expert team at Stinson Air and Solar today and we’ll help advise on the best solution for your needs. We take great pride in our processes and have been providing air conditioning solutions to Perth and the entire South West region for 25 years.