Buying a ducted air conditioning system for your home? 5 things you should ask!

Stinson Air have sold over ten thousand air conditioners and we think we have learnt a thing or two along the way. We continually have evolved and worked hard to improve our design methods, install techniques, customer service and quality control. Stinson Air have also seen thousands of poorly installed air conditioning systems. In our opinion more Perth roof spaces contain air conditioning installs are what we would call, by our own standards “bad” compared to “good”, so if you are considering a new ducted air conditioning system, what should you be asking so you can have  a “good” one!

What you should ask if you are thinking of installing a new air conditioning system in your home?

  1. Can you tell me a bit about the company’s history? You should be using a company who has a reputation for quality and after sales service. Check out their online reviews or testimonials, we are certainly very proud about what our customers say about us.
  2. Are all premium products used? Are you comparing apples with apples. Unit manufacturer is one thing, but what about all componentry; duct, vents, zone control systems etc. On this subject please talk to us about this as there is a lot to know.
  3. Is the install quality control checked by a supervisor? This one is huge in our opinion, a job that is not quality controlled (but is working) can be easily 20% or more inefficient compared to  a properly designed and installed system. If not done properly this can cost you a lot of extra money in running costs in the long run. You may never know, except for the times you complain at your power bill!
  4. Ask for examples of past similar work and clients? Can the company list household name Perth residential building companies as clients that choose the air conditioning company because of years of excellent design, install and after sales customer service – we can!
  5. Ask how they handle disputes? We are not sure what the others will tell you but the answer Stinson Air will give is; “after 22 years in business we can proudly say we have not spent one day in court with a client dispute”, if there is a problem we will fix it.

Good luck with your decision and hopefully we may get the opportunity to work with you and in your home. If we do we will give it the respect your home deserves.