Choosing a Small Air Conditioner for a Small Space

If you are looking to heat or cool a small home, apartment or even just a small area, there is no need for a large air conditioning unit that is going to take up your valuable space, not to mention use a lot of electricity. You are probably looking for a small air conditioner that fits comfortably and seamlessly, without getting in the way.

So, if you’re looking for air conditioning for a small space, how do you know which one is the best for you? Or know that it won’t blow your energy or electricity consumption? Read on for a few tips to keep in mind when choosing a small air conditioner.


What to consider when choosing a small air conditioner

Capacities of air conditioners are rated by kilowatts (kW). You should calculate the required cooling and heating requirements for the space and what capacity your new air conditioner can provide.

There are some online calculators that offer a simple analysis, however for a proper calculation you need to take all the below into account:

  • The type of room you are cooling/heating (eg: open plan living room or kitchen)
  • The size of room (including the height of your ceiling)
  • Where windows and glass doors are placed (to know what levels of heat is being let in)
  • Insulation of walls, floors and ceilings
  • Window coverings (such as curtains)
  • The climate of where you live

An air conditioning professional at Stinson Air & Solar can analyse your space (obligation and fee free) in accordance to the above requirements and recommend the best air conditioning system or solution for you.


Choosing the right air conditioning capacity for your room

Generally, an air conditioner needs at least 120 watts of power per square metre. While a small room might require a 2.5kW model, a large open-plan area might need 7kW or more.

Our advice would be to choose a model with equal or slightly greater capacity. Choosing a unit with a greater capacity (not too much) will ensure that you are still efficient in extreme temperatures.   As always, also check the star rating on efficiency!

The reason we advise not to choose one with a higher capacity is that if your air conditioner unit is too powerful, it will run frequent cycles to achieve the temperature, which uses a lot more power, not to mention causes wear and tear.

In the opposite scheme of things, if you choose one with too low of a capacity, you may have to run this unit more often at maximum, which does the same damage as picking one with too much capacity.


An air conditioning solution that suits your requirements

Choosing a small air conditioner doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on power.

Here at Stinson Air & Solar, we have a wide range of air conditioning systems and solutions, including for small spaces. We can recommend the best air conditioning unit or solution which might be small, but still pack a big punch – without costing you a fortune.

Contact us today for a free site visit to discuss specific air conditioning options for your home or business.

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