Cooling Solutions for Sustainable Living in the South West

The South West region of Western Australia… an area known for its iconic wineries, beautiful natural landscapes, pristine beaches, and perfect & powerful surf breaks.

As locals in the area, the team at Stinson Air South West know just how important it is to preserve this beautiful landscape through sustainable, environmentally conscious living, but at the same time, we appreciate just how critical it is for residents in Western Australia’s South West to have some of the less environmentally friendly comforts, such as reliable and effective air conditioning. Whether you live in Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret River or Dunsborough, those summer months can get dangerously hot, and they are only getting hotter.

So, what if we told you there is a way to get the best of both worlds: eco-friendly air conditioning that keeps your homes nice and comfortable without compromising our precious environment. It’s possible, we do it for our customers, day in, day out. Here’s how we do it!

The Role of Cooling Solutions in Sustainable Living

One of the trade-offs of the stunning, sunny weather we enjoy in the South West, as well as throughout WA and Australia at large, is the need for effective cooling solutions. However, as we become more and more aware of the environmental impact of our modern-day living standards, it’s increasingly critical that we prioritise sustainable cooling solutions.

6 tips for choosing the most Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning system In WA’s South West

1. Efficiency Choose the right sized air conditioner for greater energy efficiency.

Regardless of the air conditioning option you choose, finding the right sized unit is essential for sustainable living. The right sized air conditioner will ensure smarter energy efficiency and avoid wasted consumption. On the other hand, if you choose an air conditioner that is too small for the space you’re intending on temperature-controlling, you’re going to be wasting electricity without even benefitting from the cooling technology. Fortunately, the friendly team at the Stinson Air South West office offers in-home consultation to find the perfectly sized air con unit for your home and needs.

2. Consider air conditioning units with inverter compressors.

Air conditioners may seem simple, but they’re quite complicated. When it comes to eco-friendly units, we recommend focusing on the compressor component of the machine. After all, they’re the part that uses the most electricity. The compressor is the part that turns the heated vapours into refrigerated, cooled air. With an inverter compressor, it automatically compresses less on cooler days that don’t need as much cooling and more on hotter days that do. Choosing an air con with an energy-efficient compressor is the best route for those who are environmentally conscious.

3. Don’t overlook custom air conditioning systems for long term savings

The Stinson Air South West team offer system customisation to maximise energy efficiency of your unit in a way that suits your home’s needs. From custom controls to custom diffusions, there’s a lot of potential in tailoring your air con system in a way that will keep your home cool and ensure you’re living as sustainably as possible.

4. Future proof with Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats allow you to set your air conditioner to automatically turn off when you leave the home or no longer need it to function. Apart from saving you money in electricity usage, this handy technology will ensure your air con only runs when it’s needed. Reducing your electricity use is a great way to minimise your environmental impact.

5. Research how to integrate Smart technology into your home air conditioning.

Smart technology is becoming more ubiquitous and affordable. By integrating your air conditioning with smart tech, such as MyPlace, you’ll enjoy greater remote control of your units, better ability to customise cooling schedules and increased energy monitoring. All of this enables you to improve your home’s level of sustainability.



6. Offset the power usage of your air conditioner with solar energy.

Solar power has been increasing in popularity throughout WA and especially in the South West. There are several advantages to investing in a solar power system, especially when it comes to achieving sustainable air conditioning.

Solar panels allow you to utilise the clean, renewable energy source that is the sun. This reduces your home’s reliance on fossil fuels and minimises your greenhouse gas emissions. During the summer months especially, when the sun is brightest and shining for the longest part of the day, solar power systems can make a big impact on the sustainability of your lifestyle.

We recommend speaking to our team about how an efficient solar power system can be installed on your home to generate the electricity you need. With solar power you can enjoy more energy independence, greater financial savings and an overall greener lifestyle.

What a sustainable cooling solution looks like

Your air conditioning system is one of the biggest contributors to your energy bill. But there are many benefits to investing in a sustainable air conditioning system, especially if you live in the South West.

Economical Operation

Greater energy efficiency means less energy used which translates to cost savings when it comes to your electricity bill.

A sustainable air conditioning system uses less power to operate the pumping system, less power in cooling the air, greater air and energy conservation and greater control over how and when it operates! All of this adds up to lower energy bills and helps the environment at the same time.

Minimal Environmental Impact

A sustainable cooling solution doesn’t only consider your air conditioning unit; it represents a perfectly balanced system of power production and power consumption. By considering how you can offset your power with solar energy and minimising your energy consumption with a modern, efficient inverter air conditioner you can ensure that you are minimising your carbon footprint. It’s possible to be completely carbon neutral without having to sacrifice comfort in the home.

Efficient Temperature Regulation

By their nature, eco-friendly air conditioners are equipped with greater controls. Whether it’s timing the air con to go off when it’s not needed or programming the thermostat, you can enjoy greater control of your home’s climate without having to worry about wasting energy and harming the environment.

Quiet Performance

If you spent any time in a physics class, then you might know that to make noise takes energy. In a perfectly efficient air conditioning system, all energy would go towards heating or cooling your home, but some of the energy is always lost in the form of waste heat, vibrations, and noise.

For this reason, in more energy-efficient units you will find that by design they make less noise when operating to ensure minimal energy loss.

Zero Wastage

Cooling unoccupied rooms is one of the greatest drivers of air con-related energy wastage. With a sustainable cooling solution, you can reduce your energy waste with better zone control, automated temperature adjustments and more efficient parts such as variable speed compressors that tailor their energy consumption to match the demands of the climate.

How routine maintenance improves the sustainability of your home air conditioning.

Regularly maintaining your air conditioning systems will ensure optimal functionality and energy efficiency. Our licensed HVAC technicians recommend routine servicing at least once a year.

Our South West team offer comprehensive and affordable maintenance services and will check your unit’s refrigerant pressure, air flow, signs of leaks and eco-friendly operation to ensure you’re living as sustainably, comfortably, and economically as possible.

For all your South West air conditioning needs, talk to Stinson Air South West!

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