MYTH BUSTING: We clear up the biggest misconceptions about Air Conditioning

Stinson Air & Solar have been in the business for over 20 years, and that means we hear a lot of different misconceptions about air conditioning! We thought we’d put together a guide that can help clear up some of the common myths that we’ve heard over the years.


MYTH: Air Conditioning cools by blowing cold air.

BUSTED: Air conditioning is designed to transfer heat from the inside to the outside.


MYTH: Turning the air conditioner temperature lower or higher than desired will cool or heat the area quicker.

BUSTED: The air conditioner will either cool or heat at a constant rate, or not at all.


MYTH: Air conditioning can cause you to catch the common cold.

BUSTED: Being physically cold may make you more vulnerable to illness, but the common cold is caused by a virus, not the temperature!


MYTH: Air conditioning in the home may cause you to contract legionnaires disease.

BUSTED: Legionnaires is not something you can easily contract from domestic air conditioning, and majority of cases are caused by incorrect maintenance and cleanliness of large building air conditioners.


MYTH: An air conditioner controls only the room temperature.

BUSTED: An air conditioner also controls humidity and can help keep moisture content down, for ultimate comfort.


MYTH: The bigger the air conditioning unit, the better the cooling!

BUSTED: Not necessarily! For the most efficient cooling, ensure your air conditioning unit is clean and regularly maintained.


MYTH: Cheaper air conditioner models run the same as the more expensive models, there’s no point spending a lot of money.

BUSTED: Generally (but not always) the more expensive models are more efficient and quieter, and usually as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! However, some cheaper brands so provide excellent value for money and offer good performance. So instead of looking at price, choose the system that is right for your needs to ensure you get the upmost in efficiency out of your unit.


MYTH: Using a fan lowers room temperature.

BUSTED: Nope, while a fan might feel cool as it blows on you, it just pushes the hot air around.


MYTH: You don’t need to worry about cleaning your air conditioners air filter more than once a year.

BUSTED: When your air conditioning unit has a clean air filter, it draws in air effortlessly, which means you reduce wasted energy use.


MYTH: Regular air conditioning servicing is not necessary.

BUSTED: Regular air conditioner servicing is done to identify and fix any issues and to ensure your unit runs efficiently. Any issues detected early will also help prevent costly repairs in the future!


MYTH: It doesn’t matter where you put your air conditioner unit.

BUSTED: It kinda does matter! You should make sure the outdoor unit is not exposed to direct sunlight and the air flow is not going to be blocked by plants or shrubbery.


MYTH: Boost cold air circulation by leaving doors open while running your air conditioner.

BUSTED: Improve efficiency by closing doors. It cools the area quicker.


MYTH: Leaving the air conditioner off all day will save you money. And in reverse – leaving it on all day will save you money.

BUSTED: While leaving your air conditioner off all day might seem like the best choice, imagine on hot days how hard it must work to cool it down when you get home. The best thing to do is quite simply, use the auto setting on your air conditioner. Adjust the temperature (don’t set it too high or too low) and let the air conditioner reach desired temperature, to give itself a break.


MYTH: Air conditioners are only meant for Summer.

BUSTED: Reverse cycle air conditioning has debunked this myth! A reverse cycle air conditioner is used to cool the area in summer and warm the area in winter, all in one energy-efficient and space saving unit.


So as you can see, there are quite a few common myths that people have about air conditioning. Do you have any others?

Make more energy-efficient choices to suit your lifestyle and ensure you ask your local experts at Stinson Air & Solar if you have any questions about air conditioning. The Stinson Air & Solar team can help you make the right decision based on your specific requirements.

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