Is my new rooftop solar system that Stinson Air installs going to be battery ready?

This is a question we get asked a lot. To answer in the simplest form… Yes, but let’s break this down. The premium Tier 1 panels that we will install on your roof are battery ready. The inverter that we install will, most likely unless specified, not be battery ready; but can most likely be adapted to suit batteries. To explain this further there are “hybrid battery ready inverters” available to purchase now that are compatible with some brands of batteries. If you install a battery solution in say, 3 years when prices are most likely more affordable and cost effective, and then select a different brand or newer model of battery the “hybrid” inverter model that you selected and paid a premium for, may then not suit your new decision of which battery solution to go with. So in most cases, except when a battery solution is being considered immediately or in the near future we suggest going with a standard type (but premium brand) inverter which, in most cases, can still have what is called an “AC coupled” solution added, to make your rooftop solar system still able to have a battery solution added. That is what I have done with my own home.

I hope this makes sense, if you would like to learn more about how we can customise a rooftop solar, battery ready solution for your home please contact the Stinson Air team today!