4 Reasons Wineries Should Go Green With Solar

It’s no secret that winemaking is an expensive business, and by far the biggest expense a winery incurs comes from power use. From the wine production process itself to the storage and distribution of wines, electricity is needed in huge quantities every step of the way. It’s estimated that electricity costs can account for up to 40% of a winery’s total running costs, and with this enormous power consumption comes an equally enormous bill.

The Benefits of Sustainable Energy for South West Wineries

It should come as no surprise, then, that winemakers across Australia have turned to solar power as a solution. In the famous South West wine region of Western Australia, long daylight hours provide ideal conditions for solar installation. Wineries are among the fastest-growing adopters of solar power, and the benefits of using solar power in winemaking go far beyond saving money.

Solar Reduces Winery Operating Costs

While solar installation requires an initial outlay, once established, rooftop solar panels provide free electricity for years to come. Instead of being at the mercy of fluctuating – and increasing – electricity costs, wineries with solar power systems can rest easy knowing that they have a steady supply of guaranteed free power with which to run their businesses.

Solar Reduces Your Winery’s Carbon Footprint

Like any other industry dealing directly with the land, reducing the impact of climate change is vitally important for winemakers. Droughts, floods, fire, heatwaves, and soil degradation all impact both a winery’s ability to grow and harvest grapes and the quality of the grapes themselves. This hurts not only an individual business’ bottom line but also the industry as a whole. It’s important, therefore, for wineries to have management strategies in place to reduce their carbon footprints. While traditional energy comes from unrenewable fossil fuels, solar power converts energy from the sun into electricity and is a fantastic way to reduce a winery’s carbon footprint.

Solar Reduces Your Winery’s Carbon Footprint

Embracing renewable solar energy isn’t just beneficial financially and for the environment. Conscientious consumers are actively seeking out wines produced in a sustainable manner, whether by using organic grapes or incorporating sustainable energy practices into the winemaking process. By installing a solar power system, wineries have the opportunity to build a strong sustainability message into their brand.

There Are Government Solar Incentives

The government wants more businesses and homes to adopt solar power, and so have provided a number of incentives to encourage people to invest in this renewable energy system. The cost of your winery’s solar system could be subsidised with the Australian Government’s Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES). Not only does the federal government provide incentives, but once installed, the WA State Government’s Feed-In Tariff Scheme will pay for any unused power produced by your solar power system that gets fed into the grid (Conditions apply). This means that your rooftop solar panels have the potential to save and make your winery money.

The Benefits of Engaging Stinson Air South West for Your Solar Installation

With so many obvious benefits, both for your business and for the health of the beautiful South West, it’s clear that solar is a great choice for wineries who are considering going green. Stinson Air South West is your local solar installation expert, with satisfied customers from Busselton to Dunsborough, and we’re here to help you every step of the way on your solar power journey.

While solar power is almost always a good choice for the South West’s wineries, you can rest assured that we will never try to sell you a service that isn’t appropriate for your business. We perform an initial consultation and feasibility analysis, from considering solar panel orientation and doing load analysis, which provides an opportunity to identify and address any potential issues that could arise.

Stinson Air South West offers many different solar panel options that can be customised for your winery. Our quality systems can easily be expected to last upward of 25 years, providing a true investment not only for your business but for the planet. Get in touch with us today for a chat about how we can help you get started on your solar installation and capitalise on the great benefits of renewable energy.