Stinson Air to Help Build & Provide Solar Power To a School in Cambodia!

Hi all!

I am very excited to announce that our family business, Stinson Air & Solar, will be partnering with 7 other Perth businesses to join forces to build a school in Cambodia. We are commencing this project this year through the fantastic foundation, Classroom of Hope.

There are a few reasons we decided to do this project. Firstly it all came about because I had a plan for my own family (when I thought my 3 young kids would be at the perfect age) to take them to assist with a project that would show them how the “other half” live, away from our blessed lives in Australia. Projects such as building a village in a third world country crossed my mind.

Once my radar was up, I soon started talking to various people and organisations. I changed tact and decided that I also wanted to get our Stinson Air & Solar Solutions business involved.

Perhaps we look at a solar solutions? We could design a solar panel project for a remote village… the opportunities were endless. It was then, through a mate, that I got invited to get involved with building a school in Cambodia. Over many years the school will educate thousands of children that may not have had access to any schooling, through the fantastic organisation that is Classroom of Hope.

However my first question to the group was, “can we solar power the school / village?” The answer was a great one!

Every school that is built through Classroom of Hope has a solar power plant included and a drinking water supply system. For a very small fee the children’s families that attend the school can purchase drinking water and also have the opportunity to purchase “power”.

How this works is that the children bring a car battery into school and while they are learning it is “recharged.” Then, once taken home that night it can assist with lighting and cooking. This is a great option as the alternatives are no power, or the family having to travel further for less efficient and more environmentally damaging kerosene to help power their homes. This business model ensures that the school can remain sustainable and continue to provide much needed education to the community for many more years to come.

After this initial discussion and researching the fantastic Classroom of Hope charity (who currently donate a minimum of 85% of all fund raised, and working towards a 100% model through their Wise Owls program) I immediately said YES.

We are excited by the decision and looking forward to flying to Cambodia in early 2019 for the opening ceremony of the school. We hope to do this solar power school project every year for many years to come!

You can even help us in this cause and we would be very grateful for the support.

Until further notice, for every rooftop solar system purchased through Stinson Air & Solar Solutions, we will donate $50 towards this cause!

We will also be organising other fundraising activities through Stinson Air & Solar and our family throughout the year to reach our target to ensure this school gets built as timely as possible.

If you know of anyone that may need rooftop solar or a solar solution for their home, or you would like to help this great cause please send them our way for a chat or a complimentary no obligation rooftop solar assessment.

Brad Stinson

Managing Director, Stinson Air & Solar

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