We’re in for a warm Spring!

Reflecting on Winter 2016:

I don’t know if I speak for everyone but it certainly felt like a cold, wet winter this year. Well cold it was, we are told the coldest Perth winter since 1990 – that’s 26 years! It may come as a surprise to learn that we’ve actually received below average rainfall, particularly in the South-West of WA. But I do have a feeling (especially if today was anything to go by) that we are in for a little bit more rain yet.

What will Spring bring?

As pointed out by the Bureau of Meteorology on ABC’s Landline program on Sunday 28th August 2016,  we’re in for a warm Spring. They predict that the day and night temperatures are likely to be higher than usual. With global temperatures rising we are likely to experience more extreme weather events so it pays to be prepared!

Thomas Fuller once said, “In fair weather prepare for foul”.

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