Why Is My Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air? 

One of the more common questions we receive is “why is my air con not working”? Whether your unit is failing to blow out cold air, is operating at reduced capacity, or just seems to not be working effectively at keeping your house cool, there could be a variety of things wrong with it.

We highly recommend calling in a professional air con repairer to diagnose and fix any potential issues, carry out routine air con maintenance or arrange a new unit if necessary. Nonetheless, in the meantime here are the most common reasons why an air con may not be blowing cold air. 

Reasons why your air con may not be working

Reason 1 – Thermostat not working

The thermostat of your air conditioner regulates the cold air to ensure that the set temperature is achieved. If the thermostat isn’t working properly, for example if it’s been knocked or has faulty wiring, the air con may not know that it should be pumping out the cold air you’re expecting. 

Reason 2 – Air con filter change is needed

A congested filter can be caused by a build-up of debris, dust or just about anything. Apart from causing the air flow to be disrupted, a dirty filter can also cause the air con unit to overheat. One way of checking if the filter is the problem is to check your electricity bill. An unusually high account can be indicative of the filter causing your air con to work overtime. 

Reason 3 – A dirty condenser

The condenser of your air con can get pretty dirty. Due to the fact that it’s located outside, it can clog just like the filter can. Dirty condenser coils fail to dissipate the necessary heat outside and will prevent your air con from blowing the required cold air.

Reason 4 – Leaking refrigerant

The refrigerant acts as a coolant in a standard split-system air con. If there is a leak, the cooling mechanism can be compromised. More modern and state of the art units often display a warning message if there’s an issue with the refrigerant. But this isn’t always the case, so it’s worth calling in the professionals. 

Reason 5 – Blocked condenser

The condenser is an important part of an air con as it collects the heat during the cooling process. If the condenser is blocked with grime, debris or dirt, the air won’t flow properly, and the temperature of the air being blown out can be affected. This is why condensers should be regularly cleaned for maximum efficiency. 

Reason 6 – Your room is too big

An alternative reason why your air con may not be working may have nothing to do with the mechanical components. It could be as simple as the room in which the air con is blowing is too big for effective temperature control. As a result of the large space, the ability of the unit to blow out enough cold air to cool the room can be compromised. 

Reason 7 – Leaking ducts

If it’s not a problem with the air con maintenance and condition of the components inside or the space in which the air con is placed, it could be the surrounding area. For example, if your roof has leaking ducts your air con may not be able to produce sufficient cold air.

How to ensure your air con is working

So, how can you ensure that your air con works as it should and blows out the cold air you need?

Solution 1 – Check the thermostat

Make sure that your thermostat settings are correct and at the level you want. If it all appears to be set properly, trial a bit higher or lower and see if it makes a difference. Any insufficient change in the cold air blowing could indicate that the thermostat needs attention from a professional technician. 

Solution 2 – Air con filter change

Checking your filter regularly and changing it if required is essential. Inspect the filter for excessive dirt or a build-up or other airborne particles. Some filters can be cleaned, but if the damage is irreparable, you may need to change it.

Solution 3- Clean the condenser

Like the filter, checking the condenser and washing it with soap and water can make a huge difference. If you’re cleaning it yourself, don’t use too high a pressure and make sure that it’s in the waterproof covering before wetting it.

Once cleaned, you should clean the surrounding area of leaves and branches to try and prevent the build up from occurring again. 

Solution 4 – Check the refrigerant

If you’ve checked and cleaned both the filter and the condenser, then checking the refrigerant cooling level is next. Whether there’s a leak that needs repairing or the coolant simply needs a topping up, professional air con service providers can carry it all out.

Solution 5 – Look for leaking ducts

Leaking roof ducts can be tricky to find, so it’s best to leave this to the professionals. If you’ve checked and cleaned all of the mechanical components of your air con unit, it’s often worth bringing in technicians to check your roof for leaks.

Solution 6 – Regular air con maintenance

The best solution for an air con that isn’t working properly is actually a pre-solution. Ensuring that your air con is regularly serviced and required maintenance carried out can catch problems and breakages before they negatively impact its ability to blow cold water.

Solution 7 – Get a new air con

In some cases, the repairs needed to get your air con working again are not worth the time or hassle. It can be better to simply replace the air conditioner with a newer, better unit. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost an arm or a leg to do so either. If you’re in the market for a quick fix, make sure to turn the pros in all things air con: Stinson Air & Solar!

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