Why Refrigeration Systems Are So Important to Businesses in the South West

When it comes to idyllic getaways, it doesn’t get much better than WA’s South West region. With stunning beaches and lush forests, world-famous wineries, restaurants and boutique stores, it’s no wonder that the South West remains one of Australia’s most beloved holiday spots for locals and visitors alike.

Underpinning all of the businesses that define the South West is a similarity – they all rely on good quality, dependable commercial refrigeration to run. From majestic wineries to humble service stations, refrigeration is the backbone of many South West businesses.

Refrigeration in Wineries and Breweries

A trip to the South West isn’t complete without a glass of wine or a beer at one of the region’s incredible wineries or breweries – an experience that wouldn’t be possible without the support of commercial refrigeration systems. While most customers, if served a lukewarm drink, would understand the importance of refrigeration for pouring the perfect glass, they may not realise how important it is for the entire winemaking and brewing process.

Keeping precise temperatures and conditions is essential for crafting the spectacular wines, beers and ciders people visit the South West to experience and are make or break for wine and beer makers. Without efficient, cost-effective and reliable refrigeration, wineries and breweries just can’t run.

Refrigeration in Restaurants and Cafes 

The South West is home to an astounding variety of quality local produce and exceptional dining experiences. With so many eateries to choose from, and many wineries boasting world-class restaurants of their own, the South West really has something for everyone. And behind every locally-sourced, gourmet South West meal – whether it’s a decadent platter of speciality cheeses from a nearby dairy or a sumptuous regional seafood feast – lies the aid of a reliable, high-quality commercial refrigeration system.

Fresh food can only be kept fresh when it’s stored properly and at the correct temperatures. Display fridges hold produce for customers to buy and take home with them. And from cool rooms to commercial freezers, refrigeration is the support system that restaurants, cafes and grocers need so they can guarantee their food is at its best.

Refrigeration in Groceries and Service Stations 

When travelling to and from the South West, visitors and locals alike often need to drop into a service station to refuel, grab a snack, or just get out and have a stretch. They might also pop into one of the many boutique stores and groceries that offer local treats to take home and enjoy.

Both groceries and service stations rely on commercial fridges and freezers to keep their wares in top condition. In addition to free-standing refrigeration, many use walk-in cool rooms to store large amounts of produce at once. Display fridges ensure that food is kept beautifully displayed and give customers a better idea of what the business offers.

Refrigeration in South West Businesses 

What all these businesses have in common is the support of refrigeration. Without refrigeration, wineries couldn’t operate, restaurants couldn’t keep their food fresh, and grocers and service stations wouldn’t be able to sell any products that require chilling.

With such a fundamental role to play in keeping a business running, it’s important to choose a commercial refrigeration company that delivers dependable, top-quality products and services. In the event of a refrigeration system fault or failure, it’s vital to have a local team who can respond in a timely manner, so that you and your business can go back to operating at your fullest with minimal setbacks.

Your Local Commercial Refrigeration Specialists

At Stinson Air South West, we have extensive experience designing, installing and servicing custom high-quality refrigeration systems for wineries, restaurants, groceries and boutique stores throughout the South West. From small to large scale projects, we’ve been servicing the area for over 25 years and take pride in the depth and quality of our commercial refrigeration services. Being a local business, we not only understand your needs but are perfectly positioned to undertake any maintenance requirements your refrigeration system may have.

We understand that a reliable, cost-effective refrigeration system is the backbone of your business. Reach out to discuss your commercial refrigeration needs and find out why Stinson Air is the best in the South West.