MyLights Just Got Better!


Hi everyone, well the awesome MyLights product from Advantage Air just got a whole lot better. We were already in love with this amazing product which does not cost a lot more than a standard LED downlight package. MyLights now comes with so much more. In the way of comfort, security, ease of use and energy efficiency, all at an affordable price tag. The upgraded software app now has timer schedules (great for setting lighting when you are away), improved scenes and more.

The fantastic thing is if you have already installed MyLights it is as simple as just upgrading the app on your MyPlace controller and you will get all these upgrades at no cost! So for all our clients out there that are already getting MyLights installed in your new home. Please enjoy the free upgrade.

I personally just moved into my new home and have the MyLights installed and can now not imagine life without smart lighting. The ease of use, one touch on my phone or MyPlace controller for all sorts of different scenes and lifestyles. Scenes may be; “entertaining”, “good morning”, “good night”, “dinner time”, “cooking time”, “movie time” etc. The options are endless. Also the one touch MyWelcome, My Goodbye and MyEco are all such great features.

Please contact us or even better visit our working displays. At our showroom at Osborne Park or at our display at Homebase Wembley. From your Perth and South West air conditioning, solar and MyLights specialist, Stinson Air.

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