Why Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

There are countless good reasons to ensure your air conditioner has a seasonal maintenance plan. Just like a car, without regular maintenance and servicing, it is likely that your air conditioner is not running at peak performance, which can be detrimental to your energy bill, the health of you and your family, as well as the overall condition and life of your actual air conditioning unit.

Prolong the Life of Your Air Conditioning Unit

Regular servicing and maintenance will keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Planned maintenance from a mechanic will help to pinpoint potential failure points in your unit, allowing you to fix them before they have a chance to propagate. If you neglect maintenance, small problems can morph rapidly, affecting the overall performance of your unit.

If you don’t maintain your air-conditioning unit, it could easily break down within 5-7 years. In comparison, a well looked-after unit can run smoothly for up to 15 or more years.

Keep Your Family In Good Health

Not only is neglecting regular maintenance bad for your air conditioning unit, it can prove hazardous for the people populating the space around your air conditioner. Dangerous bacteria, mould and viruses can cultivate and thrive in the interior of your home and office units. These harmful particles will circulate through your home with the use of your air conditioner, risking the health of you and your family, or your employees.

Regular care and maintenance, as well as utilizing air conditioner sanitisers such as Gelair will help mitigate the growth and spread of potentially dangerous microorganisms, as well as keep your air smelling fresh and deodorised.

Save Money

Blocked air conditioners will consume more energy than units that are regularly maintained. This means that your energy bill might be higher than it needs to be. Simply by replacing or cleaning a congested filter, you can reduce the energy consumption of that air conditioner by up to 15%, in turn reducing your overall electricity charges.

With proper care and maintenance, your heating and cooling unit will likely last twice as long. Regular servicing will help ensure you are not left prematurely out of pocket, paying for the installation and cost of a new air conditioning unit.

Caring for Your Air Conditioner

Caring for your air conditioner is easier than you may think. At Stinson Air, we recommend seasonal preventative maintenance. Seasonal maintenance comprises of a comprehensive annual maintenance visit, where a trained professional will visit you on-site or at home to ensure your heating and cooling unit is unpolluted, sanitised and running at maximum operational capacity.

An optional extra which you can include in your maintenance plan is an elective mid-year maintenance visit, to clean filters and the external output units as well as deodorise the fan coil and interior of your air conditioner. While this can easily be done yourself, if you are likely to forget, or feel uncomfortable executing this DIY maintenance, we recommend booking it in with us instead.

Gelair Air Sanitisers

Throughout the year, we also encourage the use of Gelair products to keep your units and air conditioner clean and sanitised. Made from natural tea tree oil, Gelair air conditioner sanitisers are gel matrix blocks which are specifically designed to sit inside your air conditioning unit, acting as a slow-release sanitiser for your air conditioner, keeping the air you breathe purified for up to 12 weeks per treatment. These treatments can easily be replaced every 3 months, making it easy to ensure the air you are breathing is free from harmful viruses and allergens.

Get In Contact Today

At Stinson Air, we can provide maintenance for all kinds of air conditioners, from ducted evaporative, to wall or ceiling mounted split systems. We can even schedule your maintenance in the same visit if you have more than one air conditioning unit or system. To find out more about ensuring your air conditioner is in peak condition, talk to one of our Stinson Air experts today.