Awesome new product release…My Air 4 is here!!

The My Air 4 from Advantage Air has arrived and I have to say is the most impressive advancement I have seen in my over 20 years in the game in residential air conditioning controls.Check out some of these features;

  • Air volume control per zone in 5% increments.
  • Wifi access now included at no extra cost and is wifi accessible from anywhere on the planet.
  • Sleek design – it looks like an ipad mini!
  • Optional motion sensors (that are thermostat sensors as well) that reduce air flows in room with no occupants that further saves energy costs… awesome!

But my favourite….

  • The home hub, this controller is like having a tablet permanently fixed to your home usually in the centre of the home in the kitchen area. The kids can’t borrow it and it never needs charging!!
  • Stream your music, run other app based home automation products in your home, download a recipe or check your facebook…. now that is some WOW factor in an air conditioning control!

Contact Stinson Air in Perth or the South West to learn more about this fantastic product….. and….  stay tuned as we bring you more news on this awesome technology developed here in Western Australia by Advantage Air.