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How to Maximise Your Rooftop Solar System

There are many reasons people choose to install a rooftop solar system in Perth. For some, it’s about minimising their environmental footprint and reducing pollution. For others, it’s about minimising their dependence on the grid and increasing the value of … Continued

Brad Stinson Podcast; Solar Technology Explained

The Perth Property Show Podcast Brad Stinson joins Trent Fleskens, Managing Director of Strategic Property Group on The Perth Property Show; a podcast by WA experts for WA listeners. The informative chat dives into solar technology and how the onset of battery … Continued

Buying Air Conditioning In Perth – What To Consider

Whether you’re upgrading an existing air conditioner or building your new dream home, choosing the right air conditioning system can be a puzzle if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The summers we experience in Perth can be hot … Continued

How Do Rooftop Solar Panels Work?

Solar power is an amazing natural and renewable source of energy, used to power our homes using the power of sunlight. It’s interesting to note that solar power is generated by light, and not heat. What is a Rooftop Solar … Continued

How Solar Power Can Save On Your Air Conditioning Costs

Recent reports have shown that the average household annual electricity bill is over $2,000. Some households have reported having bi-monthly electricity costs of between $500 and $1000! Furthermore, the WA government has announced in the 2018 budget that there will … Continued